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Professional Men's Haircut

When a man’s appearance says to the world exactly what he is about, who he is and where he is going in his life, then there’s just no compromise when it comes to having a reputable barber that can deliver a quality man’s haircut which says exactly that. All our barbers are fully trained, qualified, and bring with them years of experience in professional men’s grooming.


Straight Razor Shave

All our men’s haircuts include a straight razor neck shave to give you that precision finish to your haircut. For those who are after a little more indulgence on a weekend, Gents Barber also offers a full straight razor face shave, expertly done by one of our resident barbers whose experiencing in barbering stretches back 3 generations!


Hot Towel Treatment

The crowning jewel in a Gents Barber haircut is our hot towel treatment. We’ve integrated elements of Traditional Thai massage and aroma therapy into a hot towel service that will leave you completely relaxed, refreshed and wanting more.


What price can you put on the confidence you get from having a great haircut!

Men's Haircut

Short back and sides or style it up with our traditional men's haircut.
$  29.95

Razor-Fade Haircut

Get close and personal with the precision that only a razor-fade haircut can offer.
$  39.95

Zero-Fade Haircut

Super-close zero fade haircut, as close as it gets without a straight razor.
$  34.95

Uni Students

Get all the latest styles at uni prices!
$  28.95


Come in and get your ears lowered with our Seniors haircuts!
$  24.95

High School Students

Look great for school. And if you don't, no problem - we also fix $10 haircut!
$  19.95

Primary School Students

Be the smartest looking kid in the room with a Gents Barber haircut!
$  19.95

Buzz Cut

If efficiency is your thing, then our Buzz cuts will take care of business for you.
$  19.95

Pensioners (Aged)

You can still get your ears lowered, but this time on a discount card!
$  19.95

Kids Cuts

Kids are always much cuter after a wash and a haircut.
$  15.95

Straight Razor Face Shave

The ultimate experience for the distinguished man of leisure.
$  44.95

Women's Trims

Women's haircuts are extortionist - let us take care of your trims for you.
$  34.95

Sundays & Public Holidays

Help us cover our Sunday penalty rates (excluding Zero-fade and Razor-fade haircuts)
$  29.95


We believe that family should always come first. So that our barbers are able to finish up on time,

please ensure that you arrived at least 20 minutes prior to our listed closing times!


9:00 AM


5:30 PM


9:00 AM


7:00 PM


9:00 AM


5:30 PM


9:00 AM


4:00 PM






Shop 4, 6-10 Logandowns Drive,
Meadowbrook QLD, Australia 4131
Woolworths Shopping Center
Located inside, opposite Discount Chemist